Soaplast One Drop Dripper
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Size (L x W x H) 4 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm
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Self-compensating anti-draining dripper

*Designed for advance pulse irrigation systems where precise opening and closing pressures are required.The hose does not empty at the end of the irrigation cycle and ensure immediate and uniform irrigation with significant energy savings.

Soaplast One Drop Dripper  

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One Drop is the pressure-compensating and non-inspectable emitter by Soaplast represent the latest evolution in the field of online drippers in polypropylene also available in an no-drain version and with excellent performance suitable for a wide variety of applications.Ideal for intensive agriculture,greenhouse and soilless crops application.

The nominal flow rate of this One Drop Dripper is 2.0 litre/hour(L/H) . The operating pressure range of this dripper is 0.5bar-3.5bar.Designed for installation in pipes from 12mm up to 32mm in diameter and wall thickness from 0.9mm up to 1.2mm.This dripper has high resistance to UV rays and continuous self-cleaning mechanism.No-leakage version and not inspectable.Water inlet at the base in the shape of a cross.Resistant to standard nutrients used in agriculture.



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Soaplast One-Drop Dripper