Soaplast Poly Hose 16mm (White)
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Size (L x W x H) 60 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm
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The white color of the externel coating has the advantage of reducing the transmission of heat inside the pipe and therefore to the liquid intended for irrigation.

The formation of algae can become less due to black inner layer.


The external colour of  poly pipe 16mm is white colour and the internal colour is black colour.The length of the pipe is 400meter in one roll.

The poly hose 16mm is low density polyethylene pipe by Soaplast is designed for use in irrigation ,ideal for both soilless and soilless applications.The poly hose 16mm flexible duct is produced with multilayer technology composed of a co-extruded white external coating on the black internal layer.Temperature water is preferred by agriculture crops,especially the younger ones whose roots are sensitive.It also reduces the formation of limescale and the consequent risk of blockage of the drippers.

The poly hose 16mm (White) can absorbs less heat and keeps the water temperature lower.The poly pipe can make the clogging risk become low and the limestone formation inside the pipe also can become less so the dripper can use for longer life.The pipe easily to install due to lightness and high flexibility.Unaffected by a very wide range of chemical products and resistance to most bacteriological agents present in the soil.


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Soaplast Poly Pipe 16mm (White) 400meter x1